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Joseph Peter Kraushar 1915-2004


This site includes exerpts from my Dad's diaries and writings.  At the top of this site you'll find catagories broken down by certain periods in his life which was from 1915-2004.  Thanks to my sister Christine who assisted Dad in publishing the memoirs of his early years in "A Walk Down Memory Lane with Peter Kraushar" where I got alot of this material from.  Most of his WWII and 38 Eurotrip entries I obtained and edited directly from his diaries. Also enjoy his old units home page at the link to the right.  Pay close attention to the "Fiddlers Green" section as the names of all the troopers that have passed on are there. Many photos taken through out his lifetime are on the "Photos" page.
Joseph Peter Kraushar was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1915 and died in Tucson, Arizona in 2004 at the age of 88.  He was forunate enough to set foot on every continent except Antartica.


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Joseph Peter Kraushar
Photo taken in the 1930's

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