Joseph Peter Kraushar

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Dad was not able to get to the years 1960-2004 when he and sister Christine wrote "A Walk Down Memory Lane with (Joseph) Peter Kraushar" for his 80th birthday.  So I can describe a little about this period:
From 1960 until 1965 Pete & Betty and their little son Mike (Peter Michael who was born in 1960) lived on Mt. Airy Avenue near Cincinnati, Ohio.  In 1965, after visiting the Arizona desert,  they moved to Tucson, Arizona due to Pete's lung condition.  Pete's Mom and Dad bought the house on Mt. Airy Ave and Pete, Betty and Mike moved into a house at 8117 East Baker Drive on Tucson's east side.  Betty went to work for a local podiatrist as an office manager and certified podiatric assistant and Dad went to work for the VA Medical Center in Tucson as a laboratory technician.  Mike went to kindergarten and then started 1st grade at Schumaker school.  A few years later, Pete and Betty bought five acres of land with a house on it and a pool in the backyard at 11640 East Limberlost Dr. near Soilder's trail Road and proudly called it the "Triple K Ranch".  They owned the ranch in this then rural area for the next 11 years (1968-1979) and Mike went to Tanque Verde school and Sabino High School while growing up there until he entered the Army in 1979 and was sent to Germany.  On the Ranch there where a few out buildings, a wash (creek) and some tall Saguaro Cacti.  Life was pretty good on the ranch.  All the neighbors on the road knew each other and visited with each other, Pete and Mike rode horses and raised some livestock.  Pete, who of course was a cavalry man in the US Army prior to WWII, joined an Indian Wars Cavalry re-enactment group called the 5th Cavalry Memorial regiment in 1966 and remained active in it for decades.  This group participated in area parades, put on shows and appeared in Westerns that were always filmed in the Tucson area.  Mike was in the units Auxillary Fife and Drum corps for a while.  Mike also played football and baseball all through school and had a motorcycle he rode in the desert until he was old enough to get a car.  Pete had a pick-up truck he used to haul things around in.  The family took many trips back to Cincinnati to visit relatives from 1965-1979.  Pete retired in the mid 1970's from St Joseph Hospital and Betty retired in the early 1980's.  They traveled the world and Pete set foot on every continent except Antartica during his lifetime.  Mike had served his time in the Army in Germany, graduated from the University of Arizona and moved to Portland, Oregon.  When granddaughter Dominique was born, Pete and Betty bought a condo in Beaverton, Oregon and spent all their summers there and kept their main quarters in Tucson until Pete passed away in 2004.  Betty moved to Vancouver, Washington in 2006 where Mike and family lives.

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