Gas Tips

KBFD Radio, Jazz City and World Radio Zone want to help you save fuel and money!

Cactus Pete's Gas Saving Tips!
1) Drive at a steady pace as much as possible! Use cruise control on the highways!
2) Turn OFF that AC as much as possible!
3) Don't idle for long periods
4) Buy gas during the coolest hours!  You get more gas for your money during the coolest hours!
5) Keep that car well maintained and the tires at the proper inflation.
6) Use the recomended grade of motor oil.
7) Close your car windows while on the highway. Use air vents instead. This prevents drag.
8) Loose the roof rack and carrier.
9) Lighten the weight of the car. Remove heavy items.
10) Combine errands into one trip and plan it to shorten the distance!
11) Buy a fuel efficiant car.
12) Walk and bike as much as possible.